Student Services

Megan Hunter

Student Services Director


English Language Development/Emergent Bilingual Students

Program Goals

The primary purpose of the Harney County School District’s English Language Learner/Emergent Bilingual program is to assist English Language Learners (ELL’s) to develop English Language skills, succeed academically, and overcome barriers that impede their academic success. 

Who is Eligible?

Students who are raised in a home that’s dominant language is a language other than English, or students who are identified as not yet fluent in communicating in the English language are eligible to be screened for language services. Students are identified through a home language survey or parent/guardian input. 

Student Identification Process:

Step 1

When students register for school, they complete a home language survey

Step 2

The home language survey is reviewed and the student is scheduled for a language screening if eligible

Step 3

Screening is completed, students are found eligible for language services or not eligible based on Oregon’s eligibility criteria. 

Step 4

Eligible students begin receiving language supports in reading, writing, speaking, and listening

Step 5

Each spring students are progress monitored, and progress is reported to families


If you are interested in more information regarding Harney County School District #3 English Language Development program please contact your schools administration or Megan Hunter at (541) 573-3133 or