HMS & BHS online this week


Both HMS and BHS will be changing temporarily to online learning for the remainder of this week, starting tomorrow(Tuesday, 10/19). We will reassess the situation at the end of the week before determining our status for next week. 




We have had several teachers and staff members out this week due to illnesses and other reasons. We simply do not have enough substitute coverage to cover the number of staff members who are out. 


All after school sports and activities will continue to operate as usual unless you hear differently from your specific coach or advisor. 


Buses will continue to run each day this week on the regular schedule, picking up ONLY elementary school students.


It is highly important that ALL students continue to stay in close contact with their teachers doing ALL assigned work and checking into each of their classes. School continues to operate. We will just shift to online learning, commonly referred to CDL (Comprehensive Distance Learning), at both HMS and BHS for this week. Daily attendance will be taken in each class period for each day. Students are expected to continue to stay engaged in learning. 


If the internet is an issue at your house, please contact our district office where we have hotspot devices available to be checked out. 


We apologize for this major inconvenience. We will reassess the staffing situation at the end of the week and let you know our status for next week as soon as we make a determination. Please know that this situation is NOT due to the recent governor vaccine mandate, but rather we are experiencing a higher than normal sickness rate, including cases of COVID, which puts our staff out longer. We simply do not have enough substitutes to cover the number of staff members out at this time. 


Staff members who are not sick will continue to be at the school and can be reached via email or phone if students or parents need to get in touch with them. 


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we do everything we can to keep our students engaged in learning. Our preference is to have students IN PERSON and we are doing everything we can to keep learning happening AT SCHOOL!

Superintendent Steve Quick