21-22 Hines Middle School Supply List


Hines Middle School Supply List
*Subject to change
6th, 7th and 8th  Grades:

✓  Durable 3” three ring binder
✓  Set of 8 tab dividers for the three ring binder
✓  Spiral notebooks (for language arts, math, social studies, band/choir)
✓  2” binder (for SLC, if you do not already have one)
✓  Pencil pouch for supplies, to put in binder
✓  #2 pencil or a mechanical pencil & lead refills, continuously supplied all year
✓  Pair of sharp scissors
✓  Dry-erase markers (black or blue)
✓  Box of colored pencils
✓  Package blue/black ink pens (daily use, NO gel pens)
✓  Package red ink pens (daily use, NO gel pens)
✓  Highlighting pen
✓  Box of tissue
✓  Small scientific calculator
✓  12”  transparent ruler with clearly marked centimeters/inches
✓  Packages of loose-leaf paper (college ruled), continuously supplied all year
✓  Package of paper reinforcements
✓  Glue sticks
✓  Headphones (for testing)
✓  Tennis shoes to leave at school for P.E.
✓  Students will also need a T-Shirt, shorts or sweats and socks for P.E.
✓  We also recommend deodorant.

Please, no elastic/lycra book covers allowed, as they damage the bookbinding.